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Female GoodGym runner having a cup of tea with an elderly lady in her home

GoodGym – where running has a social purpose London, Bristol, Liverpool, UK

GoodGym is a simply great concept powered by an insight that asks: ‘How do we make the act of running more purposeful and socially useful?’ So, instead of running in circles, a GoodGym runner embarks on a mission to do some good in their local community, either alone or as part of a group. Rather than run straight past that nursing home, why not stop and spend time with someone craving companionship? Now the act of running is no longer a rather ‘selfish’ or self-centred act but a generous and compassionate one. GoodGym runners can harness their energy for all manner of social and community minded projects. As they say: ‘GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good.’

Group photo of BeastfitNation members

The gym is free; just be kind to a stranger Portland, United States

Beastfitnation is a free gym, on one condition. Members must agree to undertake random acts of kindness for at least three people in the community. The gym covers its costs through sponsorship.

Fresh Fitness staff present Danish Red Cross with a cheque for 100,000 Danish Kroner (photo by Jacob Bloch)

Tag et bad, byg en brønd Over hele Afrika

Vi opkræver 3 kr. fra vores medlemmer for at tage et 1-minut langt bad – det er omkring $0,50 cents. Mens vores medlemmer nyder deres dejligt varme bad, er der andre mennesker i verden, der ikke har adgang til vand, så vi tænkte at forbinde disse to øjeblikke. Så nu, når et af vores medlemmer tager et bad, går de penge, de bruger direkte videre til at opbygge en brønd med frisk vand i Afrika

Fresh Fitness staff present Danish Red Cross with a cheque for 100,000 Danish Kroner (photo by Jacob Bloch)

Take a shower, build a fresh water well in Africa Across Africa

We charge members three Danish Kroner to take a one-minute shower – that is around $0.50 cents. While our members are enjoying their lovely hot shower, there are other people in the world that have no access to water, so we thought about connecting these two moments together. So now, when one of our members takes a shower, the money they spend goes directly to build a fresh water well in Africa.