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Fernando Storchi standing next to a Megatlon sign while visiting Marambio Base Antarctica

Megatlon build a gym at Antarctica’s front door Argentina/Antarctica

This is the story of how Megatlon, a long established chain of health and fitness clubs in Argentina responded to a request to help build a gym in Antarctica. It is written by Ray Algar, founder of Gymtopia.

For this Gymtopia story you will need your coat because we are off to Antarctica, the Earth’s southernmost continent and officially recognised as the coldest place on Earth when during 2010 a temperature of minus 94.7C (-135.8F) was recorded. This is an extraordinary project involving Megatlon, a leading Argentinian health club chain, the Argentinian Air Force and scientists who were putting on weight as fast as the local elephant seals.

Lovely pictures showing staff and young children dressed in red Santa Clause costume

Genae Fitness Club Christmas charity event Across France

The idea started in 2004. We wanted to share the Christmas spirit by organising a charity event and giving back to the community. Every club creates a relationship with a local cause and shares all the benefits of the Christmas Fitness Marathon. Local associations and individuals receive 100% of the entrance fees and exposure in all club communications.

Adult special needs group exercise class underway at the Franco's health and fitness club in Louisiana

Franco’s – The remarkable health club that never says no Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

This is the story of how Franco’s Athletic Club located in the American state of Louisiana is using generosity to become one of the world’s most admired health clubs. It is written by Ray Algar, founder of Gymtopia.

I first met Sandy Franco, one of the co-owners, when she was presenting at the 2013 IHRSA European Congress in Madrid. Her message was a simple one: Invest in your community and the community will invest in your club. Sandy and Ron, her husband, have consistently pursued this strategy for 26 years.

Let’s Move for a Better World picture

Moving for a better world against inactivity and child obesity Across ten countries

Between 3 April to 2 May 2014, Technogym organised an innovative social campaign that called on facilities to ‘donate’ physical activity towards a good cause – that of getting local communities more active and promoting wellness education in local schools.

Over 21,000 people in 180 fitness clubs around the globe participated in the challenge, collecting more than 100 million ‘MOVEs’. A ‘MOVE’ is Technogym’s unit of measure for movement.. The facility with the most MOVEs in each country won the opportunity to donate a full set of Easy Line equipment, together with training for staff and a wellness seminar, to a local school of their choice.