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Internal picture of The Movement Studio in New York with a slogan on the wall: Give Back, Move Forward

The Movement studio: The gym that gives back every day of the year New York, United States

Recently I was undertaking some online research and stumbled upon an American search result, which grabbed my attention: ‘Charity-Driven Gyms Are Popping Up All Over The Country.’

Gyms undertake random acts of charity all the time, but these new gyms are different as they embed charity at the very heart of their business. So, this is the story of ‘The Movement’, a recently opened boutique fitness studio in New York City that operates by the philosophy of: give back, move forward (the intrinsic joy and satisfaction of exercise while simultaneously helping others). It donates $1 per person per class to The National Brain Tumour Society, not just for a few days, but every day of the year. It is the first fitness business I have discovered that donates a portion of every sales it makes.

Radley West and Ryan Brooke hug each other one year following kidney donation

American club owner donates kidney to save life of a member Irmo, South Carolina

On May 16th, 2012, Radley West, owner of the Anytime Fitness Club in Irmo, South Carolina did a remarkable thing. She donated a kidney to Ryan Brooke, one of her club members whose life was threatened by imminent kidney failure. Read their remarkable story and how life has changed for both, one-year after the transplant surgery.

by Anytime Fitness – South Carolina

Group of children from GoodLife Kids Foundation - Greenholme-JMS-Girls-on-the-Run

Helping Canadian children to become physically active Cities across Canada

GoodLife Kids Foundation is actively working to combat childhood physical inactivity across Canada by financially supporting physical activity programs for children. Through our Grant Program we have reached right across Canada, supporting local programs and impacting the lives of almost 200,000 children to date.

Group of children standing on tennis court while attending Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis

Funding underprivileged children to play sports Wichita, Kansas, United States

Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis also known as ‘GFFT’ (pronounced “gift”) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation. It was founded by Genesis Health Clubs of Wichita, Kansas. The purpose of GFFT is to provide funds to allow all citizens, regardless of background and means, the opportunity to participate in recreational and/or competition fitness activities.

by Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis